Week two pt 1

So the last 5 days have been crazy busy…hence no post.

Days five & six were so busy at work that I didn’t eat that much but was juicing in the mornings but did end up eating meat and white rice both nights. Normally after days like that I would have been hanging but my sleep was pretty good and I got everything done and made it to Sunday!

Day seven I worked in the morning then went to a wedding. The food was so good and obviously no choice so had lamb and fats and full fat cream and all thinks naughty. It was delicious and don’t know if it’s coincidence but was so tired on day eight ended up sleeping in the afternoon.

Day eight wasn’t great for food. Had the day off, ate pancakes and white pasta and generally felt rubbish all day and had a sleep in the afternoon.

Day nine I was desperate to get back to juicing and ‘clean’ food. My body is aching like mad and my muscles are all really sore. Started the day with a ginger and apple shot then a turbo juice but then got hungry quite early. For lunch I had a beetroot and salmon salad then a juice in the afternoon and a haddock risotto for dinner. Still feel really tired but hopefully all the nutrients will kick in and I’ll wake up lively tomorrow ready for a busy day at work.

Good news is, migraine has finally gone. Took two weeks and not sure what shifted it but so glad it’s gone.


Day four

OMG…What a day!!! I am so tired and in so much pain. Worked again today and am struggling to keep up with the workload.

Woke up with a really sore shoulder, which has got worse through the day and also really tired. Must have slept better than I thought I would though because I was in a whole world of pain when I went to bed so obviously quite restorative.

Started the day with a Turbo Express. Didn’t revitalise me too much though. The day wasn’t extremely healthy after that though! Cream cheese bagel for lunch (trying to stay of wheat and dairy!) and then Chinese food for dinner. I know it’s awful but I was such a state when I got home the thought of attempting a delicious yet nutritious meal was beyond me!! Didn’t feel as bad after it as I thought I would!

Tomorrow will be another tough day at work but got big plans to get back with it and try to stay positive. Headache isn’t as bad today so that’s a bonus.

Day two/ Day three

Been very busy the last two days so not been able to update. Plus really tired now so forgive the typos!

Day Two:
Juice for breakfast. First one I’ve not been sure about! Blended fruit with spirulina…weird minty colour and funky after taste. Too much to drink it all.

Went for coffee with friends and had enough of herbal tea so went for a decaf latte with almond milk. Not quite the caramel macchiato I usually go for but got to stay with the programme!!

Then went to visit my parents and my mum insisted on me eating pasta! – she’s always moaning that I don’t eat enough. So ended up with white pasta but at least it was with a tomato and veggie sauce.

For dinner, had a delicious ginger-lemon zinger. All that rushing around made me glad to sit down so tired but not in too much pain. Still have the headache though. Never feel quite as bad on the days I don’t work.

Day Three:
Today has been nuts! Back at work, got loads on and literally on my feet all day. Ended up with yogurt and granola ‘on the hoof’ for breakfast. Not what I had planned but didn’t have time to juice.

Had an amazing salad box for lunch. Beans, lentils, and veggies. Sounds gross but was in fact lush!

Didn’t really fancy much for dinner so had some butternut squash soup and a fruit plate. Only problem with this healthy malarky is I’m losing my appetite quite quickly so might have to have a cheat day soon to get my appetite back.

Feel absolutely hanging today. Whole body is hurting. Legs are aching like mad and still have this awful headache. Really tired but on days like these I always find it hard to sleep because of the pain. Hopefully I’ll get some nice refreshing sleep for a change and will wake up feeling a bit better. Don’t want to resort to my sleeping tablets as I’m trying to keep meds to a minimum.

Day One

So Day One… Woke up this morning in pain with pins and needles and still have the same lupus migraine I’ve had for over a week. Let’s kick this thing!

Supposed to have my weekly physio appointment today but postponed it. I like the idea of a whole week without visiting my lovely doctors!!

I’m going to start by combining juices and ‘clean’ foods. I’m aiming to cut out meat and reduce dairy and gluten to see if diet can make any different to my symptoms.

Starting the day with hot water and lemon and followed with a Juice Master Super juice: (There’s an app with the schedule on and it’s really easy to follow) Apple, pineapple, cucumber, lime and avocado mixed with spirulina, wheatgrass powder and probiotic. You juice it then blend it with the avocado. Comes out really green and pretty thick but tasted quite nice. Felt really full after drinking it so it definitely satisfied my breakfast needs!

Made a point of walking everywhere today, not far just enough to make it feel like I’ve had some exercise.

Whilst out and about, couldn’t find a juice bar (lacking in Bristol) so had to go for food. Went for poached eggs with a slice of granary toast and a mint tea – ‘cleanest’ thing on the menu.

Had the day off so went for a leisurely swim and spent the afternoon relaxing. Drank loads of water and had some hummous, almonds and some beetroot salad. Felt so relaxed by the time I got home that I went to sleep for over an hour! Feel like I could do nap every afternoon but with a 3-year old and business, I don’t get this luxury anymore!!

Dinner was gluten free tortilla with tomatoes, a bit of light cheese and homemade dip (avocado, bio yogurt & cherry tomatoes). Trying to fit another juice in but feel like I’ve eaten loads today! Really fancy some biscuits but I know it’s psychological so might just have some more herbal tea!

I’m not expecting miracles but it can’t do any harm. No change today but at least I don’t feel worse! Going to try and juice more tomorrow.


I’m 32 and over 10 years ago I was diagnosed with lupus. I’ve had ups and downs over the years… times of being pretty poorly but then times of better health. I’ve mostly done everything my Doctors have told me to do over the years but since opening my shop 8-months ago, I’ve deteriorated rapidly and all they can offer is more drugs.

I don’t know if it’s the length of time I’ve been ill or because I’ve been trying to lead a normal life that I’ve gone downhill but I am sooo over it!!

I constantly feel ill, I can’t afford not to work and I feel my hospital won’t support me in anything alternative so I’ve decided to go it alone.

I don’t want to dwell on my symptoms but I’m in pain every day, mouth ulcers, pins & needles, poor sleep, fatigue, dry eyes, swollen joints and am generally pissed off by the whole thing!! You get the idea!

I’ve decided to go with the diet route first. Tomorrow I’m starting a ‘clean’ diet which involves loads of juices, lean proteins and healthy fats with the aim of reducing my inflammation and improving my energy.

NOTE: Always take your doctors advice. Never try to self-medicate or try a new diet or supplement without consulting your doctor first…. Blah, blah, blah, you get the picture.